PTX200 P&T positioning unit made of stainless steel

PTX200  P&T positioning unit made of stainless steel

The PTX200 P&T unit is made of sturdy AISI 316L stainless steel with electropolishing treatment, that makes the product high resistant and suitable for marine and/or aggressive environments. Some of its peculiar features are: the high speed of both horizontal and vertical movements (up to 50°/sec), the maximum precision and the connection versatility. This P&T unit is ready to be connected to both analog and IP cameras; in the latter case, all the PELCO-D protocol commands are sent to the camera that has to be ONVIF-S compliant.

available models:
- PTX200SH with single head
- PTX200TH with single head and Germanium glass for Thermal camera
- PTX200DH-TH with double head: one for CCTV camera and one for Thermal camera
- PTX200DH-IR with single head and high efficiency IR illuminator