Targa 750

Targa 750
Targa 750 is a ANPR car plate reading camera with integrated OCR: this camera includes a whole computer system which makes it a 24h active operational center for local control, even where there is no possibility of data connection.

- INTEGRATED OCR: A high performance car plate reading camera for maximum accuracy without bandwidth requirements, power consumption nor additional processing.

- TWO LANES: Car plates reading on two-lanes roads, with indicator of the travel direction and data store on two different databases for a double saving.

- SUPER MEMORY: Customizable on-board storage space up to 1 TB: for a local storage of images and transits in case of absent connection.

- LOCAL WIRELESS: Wired and wi-fi mode data transmission, both as local client and hotspot for the downloading of an entire transit database on a laptop located under the pole.

- INSIDE SOFTWARE: On-board integrated software that makes the camera a 24h active operational center for local control. Access and data download can be performed locally and / or remotely.

Targa 750 is a unique and integrated solution specifically created to:

Reduce development costs, using one camera to read car plates in both directions of travel (even on high-speed main roads and ring roads).
Ensure control of territory and street security even where there is no chance of connection to an operational center: car plates reading cameras are truly autonomous stations, capable of recording all the transits for long periods.
Ensure a data back-up within the camera, in addition to that performed at the central server.
Solve architectural and economic problems every time a new data connection infrastructure is needed. The camera can be equipped with a 1 TB super-memory that allows images and transits store for over a year of recording activity.
Implement an access control system for widened passages by controlling the direction of travel (inbound or outbound).